News in Brief  
  4 November 2010, die & mould facilitation & development centre.  
  20 October 2010  
  2010, Sri Lankas' first book library..  
  9 September 2010 website was loanched.  
  10 August 2010, National photographic & art society.  
  19 February 2010  
  Handed over 1st job to Swedish Cooperative Centre.  
  14 December 2009  
  Sapco-Constructions.Com website was loanched.  
  8 November 2009  
  LankaPerVilla.Com website was loanched.  
  30 July 2009  
  ArugambayTravels.Net website was loanched.  
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Following services are provided by Aruksha.Biz
•  Web Designing
•  Web Design
•  Website Redesign
•  Website Maintenance
•   E-Commerce Solutions
•   Web Hosting
•   Domain Name Registration
•   Flash Animations
•   Network Solutions
•   Graphic Designing
•   Consultation
  Web Design
Aruksha.Biz creates websites to suit your individuality as a business, organisation or of course, for professional people and individuals.
The websites produced at Aruksha.Biz are both creative and consistent, meaning that user familiarization with key areas such as navigation, contact information and main areas of content are consistent throughout the entire site, enabling the end user to negotiate the site with ease. Creative use of imagery and other graphics, correct spelling and grammar and ambient colour schemes all add to a users pleasant viewing experience and as such ensures that they can find the information they're looking for quickly and effortlessly.
All of the websites produced at Aruksha.Biz are compatible with today's web environment, they comply with the Internationally

They will be viewable consistently in all major web browsers, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Backward compatible with recent previous versions of these browsers.
Compatible with newer versions of these browsers as they're released.
Resizable to fit all screen resolutions 800 x 600 and above.
Accessibility compliance means that those using assistive technology such as screen readers, those unable to use a mouse, the elderly and those affected by colour blindness are able to access your site as well as those without these disabilities.
We are also able to assist you, or organise on your behalf, with domain name registration and website hosting which basically means you can relax about having to organise these components of the set up stage yourself.
  Website Redesign

An important aspect of maintaining client interest in your website is to both keep it up to date and interesting. Your site may have been designed many years ago, perhaps by a designer no longer in web design, perhaps by a designer not up to date with design standards and why they're important? It might be time for a website redesign?
Many websites were created in the mid to late 90's when design standards weren't as commonly referred to, nor were many designers aware of them. Unfortunately this is still often the case. Previously applauded techniques like counters, scrolling text, flickering images, frames and many, many others are now not only instant recognition of an out of date site, but also the cause of users not visiting sites where these features appear.
Besides outdated design techniques, even as recent as just a couple of years ago, the majority of web users were using the same browser and screen resolutions, flat screens weren't common and broadband wasn't either. Times change, especially with information technology and what worked as recent as those couple of years ago is now fast becoming history.
Aruksha.Biz can help bring your existing website back to life, by incorporating the latest design techniques and web standards. We can also use an intimate knowledge of users' web browsing habits to accommodate not only those using current technology, but ensuring that those still using older versions are also able to view and negotiate your website with ease.
Please contact us if you feel your website could do with an upgrade. We'd be more than happy to offer opinions and guidance as to your options in this regard.

 Website Update & Maintenance
Creating a website and publishing it on the web is obviously the main aim of any business, organisation or individual seeking a web presence. The aim of Aruksha.Biz is to work with you to keep your website at the forefront and ahead of your competitors.
Aruksha.Biz provides quality and ongoing customer service and is proud of the recognition received in this regard from existing clients. We offer continued support of your business or organisation's needs and requirements long after your website has been completed and look forward to updating and maintaining websites created in a friendly and professional manner.
Periodic updating of your website is critical for several reasons:
Your company's information becomes quickly outdated, especially if you are selling products or services.
Changes encourage people to come to your site again and again - and repeat business is good business!
It's important for a visitor to know that they're looking at a regularly updated website.
Aruksha.Biz offers full website update and maintenance packages with all websites created or re-designed and also for those who just need their existing website updated.
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